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The "verbose" Python

PYTHONPATH, PYTHONVERBOSE and other infuriations

The symptoms

“Suddenly” (as is traditional to commence these sort of stories), I started having problems with some of the Python installations on my local machine. As is the way of things, I had three distinct sources of Python:

  • The native / builtin Python that came with my Mac
  • The Python …

Unicode and HTML entities

In which we struggle with a cacophony of characters for the web.

Buried in the Python standard library, unicodedata contains most the information needed to interrogate and translate unicode characters. Unfortunately, it's underdocumented. More accurately, the docs are a terse list of what it does, but not why you might want to use it or how you use it. Unfortunately it's also …

write argument must be string

When wsgi won't work.

So I was writing a web application using WSGI and - after working for a long time - it started erroring out with:

AssertionError: write() argument must be string

from deep inside the WSGI handler. Now, this usually means that you're returning unicode, which WSGI can't handle. However, it's quite happy to …