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Replacements for Google Reader

Give me an RSS reader made for speed.

With the ongoing demise of Google Reader (July 1), like a lot of other people I've been looking for a replacement. And - like a lot of other people - I haven't been finding what I wanted and so the search for a replacement …

Error 1 for Mrbayes

What happens when a make fails.

If this happens to you when trying to compile MrBayes:

% make
gcc -DUNIX_VERSION -DUSE_READLINE -O3 -Wall    -c -o mb.o mb.c
gcc -DUNIX_VERSION -DUSE_READLINE -O3 -Wall    -c -o mcmc.o mcmc.c
gcc -DUNIX_VERSION -DUSE_READLINE -O3 -Wall    -c -o bayes.o bayes.c
bayes.c:45:31: readline/readline …

Arx cheatsheet

Setting up Arx

arx my-id 'A Cryptic Moniker <>'
    Set up your identity.
arx my-editor vi
    Set your default editor for changing logs etc.
arx make-archive ~/Documents/Arx/Commits
    Set up an archive.
arx my-default-archive
    Make an archive your default.
arx my-revision-library …

Installing git on RHEL3

The hard way


I had to install git on a Redhat server, without the benefit of a package managers, local repository or anything like a sensible configuration. Because "security".

Install a recent version of lib curl

Why? because git calls cur_easy_strerror which was only introduced in libcurl 7.12.0. RHEL3 has …

Installing PloneRSS

Notes for the less persistent.

One of Plone's marked faults has been the lack of an out-of-the-box RSS aggregation product. Although there have been a number of attempts (CMFSin, CMFNewsFeed, CMFFeed), these are unfinished, quirky or only semi-functional. Fortunately, PloneRSS is a robust solution for gathering and publishing newsfeeds on your site. Unfortunately, installation is …

Encoding types in etree

Setting encoding in the header of ElementTree generated XML.

Not that I'm picking on ElementTree or anything but ...

Normally XML documents will declare their character encoding in their opening tag. And, normally, this will be utf8. (This may be a standard.) So this is a common sight:

xml version='1.0' encoding='utf8'?>

An oddity in ElementTree is that …

Installing Pydee on OSX

Short notes on getting Pydee (and PyQt) to run on a Mac.

Pydee is new and nifty graphical frontend for using Ipython. Unfortunately, there's no monolithic binary package available for installing (at least not on the Mac), and so users have to install and compile all the prerequisites. Given the the number of steps and small but important details, it's easy to …

Restoring viewlets

How do you get a Plone theme to uninstall and restore viewlets to the usual way. That is the mystery ...

The symptoms

In a theme I recently built, I moved or hid several viewlets around for artistic effect. The problem didn't show itself until I uninstalled the theme. The viewlets …

The strange case of uneditable files and odd formats

A Plone mystery.


Some uploaded files (i.e. the Plone File content type) aren't editable after creation. The edit tab is visible, but clicking on it takes you to the That content does not exist error page. The file objects are well behaved in all other cases. Uploading new files showed that …

Using percent in a string

A (perhaps) obscure fact - how to use the percent sign in a Python string.

Add this to list of list of things I'm surprised I didn't know about Python. How do you use a percent / modulo ''%'' symbol in a string?

I had to do this the other day and it stumped me. How could it be that in <insert large number of years> I've …

Version control systems for Mac OS X

Some quick notes from my search for decent source code control.

This document was originally written in late 2003 / early 2004. The scene has changed some in the meanwhile, with various offshoots of Arch and Subversion gaining a lot of mindshare, and some of the URLs are probably now invalid. However, the broad conclusions still hold, and this is left here …

VisualWidget, don't do It

More accurately, can't do it. A schema for Archetypes Visual Widget that works.

Archetypes Visual widget - the WYSIWYG HTML editor that shows up on Pages in Plone 2.5 - is pretty damn nice. I've had problems with Epoz and this is the first embedded web editor that makes me think about giving up on restructured text.

Getting it to work in your own …

Installing and using PIL

Overcoming the sometimes tricky installation of the Python Imaging Library and improving image quality.

While some people have reporting installing PIL on MacOSX without problems, there are legion reports that say otherwise. Frequently this revolve around PIL installing without JPEG support. There are a myriad of solutions (involving editing make files, configure flags, using fink to install dependencies, using package managers, casting goat entrails …


A new, and poorly explained, feature of Python classes.

Around version 2.2, Python rejigged its classes with some useful extensions. Unfortunately these enhancements have been explained so poorly that they appear in little published code.

One such enhancement is __slots__. An attribute of this name in a class restricts what attributes can be created in objects of that …