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Infoglut 2013

What I read, saw, listened to or did this year ...

Read ...

  • The One Minute Manager- Kenneth Blanchard
  • So Bad, It's Good! - Edward Scimia
  • 100 Bullets, v1-50 - Brian Azzarello
  • Habibi - Craig Thompson
  • Death in the City of Light - David King
  • The Russian Revolution - Rupert Colley
  • Winter's Bone - Daniel Woodrell
  • Thinking Statistically - Uri Bram
  • The Talented Mr Ripley - Patricia Highsmith
  • An Introduction …

Talk Queenslandish in one easy lesson

A brief guide to the curious linguistics of north-eastern Australia.

I had the dubious pleasure of growing up in Queensland, a sun-soaked and slightly backwards part of Australia., second only to South Australia for its obscurity [1]. However, over the years I've come to remember Queensland speech with some affection, a dialect in which it is possible to have an …