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Validation and conversion of data.


This package has been taken over by TODO, who has substantially re-engineered it and chnaged some of the API. This page is maintained for largely historical purposes.


The problem of sanitizing data (checking correctness and transforming to a useful form) is widespread throughout programming:

  • How do I verify ...


Simple commandline questions


Interactive command-line programs need to query users for information, be it text, choices from a list, or simple yes-or-no answers. qanda is a module of simple functions to prompt users for such information, allowing validation and cleanup of answers, default responses, consistent formatting and presentation of help text, hints ...


Retrieving book data from online sources.


This package presents a number of methods for querying webservices for bibliographic information, and includes two scripts for querying and renaming files by ISBN.


This package can be installed by the usual Pythonic methods:

  1. use your favourite installation tool:

    % easy_install biblio.webquery
  2. or download the source, unpack it ...