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Drag fails in Finder

A nagging, elusive MacOSX problem.

This is an odd bug I encountered in MacOSX. It's tough to google for, but it seems to be common and so far without a solution. This page is for other people to find, and maybe to elicit a solution.


Dragging a file fails in the Mac Finder. Files …

MacBooks: heat and battery life

Some diagnosis of the MacBook's overheating problem and how I solved one cause.

As a recent purchaser of a MacBook (60G white), I've been very happy with the machine. The performance is excellent, the physical form-factor good, the price acceptable, the included devices (camera, IR port) handy. There have been reports about the MacBook Pro line concerning battery problems and over-heating [4] , and …

Version control systems for Mac OS X

Some quick notes from my search for decent source code control.

This document was originally written in late 2003 / early 2004. The scene has changed some in the meanwhile, with various offshoots of Arch and Subversion gaining a lot of mindshare, and some of the URLs are probably now invalid. However, the broad conclusions still hold, and this is left here …