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What I done learned about REDCap

A few surprises

For those not in the know, REDCap is a platform for creating and editing databases through the web. And by and large, it works fine. It saves a lot of development effort. It provides good reporting tools for users. It's secure and robust. But there are some things to be …

(Re-)building databases with csvsql

Tips and traps when going from a database dump to a database

The scenario

You have a bunch of related CSV files.

Maybe they're the result of a raw database dump. Maybe they've been generated in some other way: experimental results, various public data sets, whatever. But the important thing is that you need to make a database from them. Perhaps because …

Tools for data

How to store data, what to use

Prompted by a recent tweet asking what people used for storing and managing their data, I wrote down my own hard-won lessons on the topic. In rough order of preference and data complexity:

A hierarchical strategy

Use restructured text for documentation

Or markdown / asciidoc. The advantages of this being:

  • It's …