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Have you looked on Evoldir?

Reflections on the academic job search

For those who don’t know, EvolDir is a worldwide mailing list on evolutionary biology that has been running since approximately forever. Everyone who works even vaguely in the area of evolution subscribes to it. Every day It typically carries several posts on conferences, book announcements, funding opportunities and job …

Academic job ad red flags

Words you don't want to read in a job description
"competitive salary":
Like several other terms on this list, this phrase is can be used in a completely sincere manner: We pay decently. If we offer you the job, then we'll negotiate. Unfortunately, it is just as frequently used as a way of avoiding the subject of remuneration, in the …

Words a bioinformatician never wants to hear

Based on hard-won experience.

(This first appeared on courtesy of Rad, and has since popped up on It enjoyed some moments of viral popularity, with many aggrieved practitioners chipping in on the comments of the article. Following the resurrection of my website, it's a good opportunity to bring this piece …