About this site

There’s been complaints have been received that this page – and the website in general – was overly mysterious about who I was. To that end, a thumbnail biography follows:

  • There’s only one Paul / Paul-Michael / P-M Agapow in the world. If you’re looking for that name, it’s me and this is my personal website. If you’re looking for another Agapow, they may be in Australia, Canada, the US, France or Russia.
  • I'm from Australia, although many years removed at this point. I was brought up in Brisbane, studied in Melbourne and now live in London.
  • I chase diseases for a living. I’ve published on this and written some associated software (regarding epi-informatics, foot-and-mouth disease, influenza, evolution, phylogenetics, etc.) You can find some of that material on this site.
  • In a previous academic incarnation, I did a lot of work about macroevolution, species and conservation. You’ll also find some results of this on this site.
  • In Italy, I’m apparently “a repository of video art on the border between performance, work and virtuality”.
  • The last time I looked, I had an Erdos number of 4.


Due to spam and shifting jobs, many of the previous email addresses I've used are no longer operational. However paul (at) agapow.net will work. I’m always interested in hearing of jobs, employment or collaborations.


Some tracks I’ve left elsewhere on the web include:

  • I’m on Twitter, but this is a work identity – I talk about diseases and epi-informatics. You may find this uninteresting.
  • There’s a Facebook profile too. This is for friends and family.
  • I try to moderate my social network participation, but can also be found on Meetup (where I help run the London-on-Board board game club) and Boardgamegeek.